Affinity Insurance Digital Marketing:

A Study In Success

Affinity insurance groups face unique challenges when marketing their products. Download our latest whitepaper on how our experienced team overcame those challenges, turned 2017 into a banner year for our affinity insurance client and won the Pima best in show award for 2017.

Affinity Insurance Digital Marketing: A Study In Success shows you:

  • The Challenges that our client, Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust, faced during 2017 Healthcare Open Enrollment,
  • The Strategized Plan tailored toward carefully selected segments of their association members, and
  • The Powerful Results of this dynamic marketing strategy.

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“Seapoint Digital is a great digital marketing partner for us. Since we have been with Seapoint we have seen our website metrics and email campaign performance improve month after month. Bill and his team are very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with – we have excellent communication. I really appreciate how Seapoint takes the time to learn our business needs, listen to our concerns, and help us develop the right strategies for success with our members. And very importantly for us, Bill is a very skilled operator in working with our other consulting partners.”

--  John Isgitt

TMA Insurance Trust